Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Forest Glen Cluster Bracelet with Rhodonite

Forest Glen Pearl and Gemstone Bracelet
Sometimes when I have to sit in a waiting room somewhere, I can't concentrate on reading. I usually bring along a little project (when I remember) to do, just in case.

I keep the supplies and tools for the project neatly and protectively tucked away in a pencil case in my bag for the day I might need something to keep my hands busy. The other day was one of these days, and this beaded cluster bracelet is the result.

The soft, warm glow of silken pearls in shades of cream, caramel and deep forest green combine with the earthy tones of rhodonite rounds this charm bracelet.

Filled with a cascade of colors reminiscent of a peaceful forest glen on a sunny day, this bracelet overflowing with clusters of glass pearl beads and gemstone rounds on a gold plated chain.

The entire piece is then finished off with a gold plated toggle clasp.

This bracelet is 8" (20.5 cm) in length including clasp.