Friday, January 28, 2011

Hibiscus Flower Eyeglass Holder in Yellow and Cobalt Blue

Hibiscus Flower Beaded Eyeglass Holder
A sea of cobalt blue with bright yellow flowers floating within it is the theme of the floral lampwork beads that are included in this handmade eyeglass holder.

These beads aren't just the theme, they were the inspiration for this beaded eyeglass holder made from matching cobalt and navy beads combined with touches of yellow and lots of gold tone shimmer interspersed along a beaded white strand.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wise Mister Owl Pocket Watch Necklace in Bronze and Gemstones

Lace Agate and Honey Jade Owl Pocket Watch Necklace
When I saw this little 21mm pocket watch, I instantly fell in love with the little owl on the cover. I was impressed with all of the beautiful intricate details on the face of the watch as well as the floral motif on its back.

I've paired the pocket watch up with lots of matching bronze accents in this handmade gemstone necklace, adding in bits of earthy green lace agate stones and honey jade gemstone highlights for a uniquely elegant look that's an excellent alternative to wearing a watch.

The length of this owl pocket watch necklace is also adjustable! The nape has been made with an extender chain that the clasp can connect to in order to wear the necklace at a variety of lengths.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Floral Pocahontas Bracelet with Unakite Gemstones

Unakite Gemstone Bracelet in Olive and Brick Floral Motif
Unakite gemstones are combined with rich red beads and lots of bronze accents in this handmade artisan bracelet. A large bronze floral piece with inlayed stones and rhinestones then finishes it off, a toggle clasp added to keep it securely around the wrist.

This unakite gemstone bracelet is titled "The Pocahontas Flower" because of the earthy elegance of the style from the large floral center piece to it's earthy beaded accents and gemstones.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beaded Eyeball Charms in a Variety of Colors

Beaded Eyeball Charms in a Variety of Colors
Eyeballs! Yep, that's my new theme. It's titled the "I've Got My Eye On You" and comes in a variety of colors from "Jaundice Yellow" to "Jealous Green" and a handful of others.

Okay, so I admit that my new theme is a little weird and quirky. But, when I saw these odd eyeball-like glass beads I just couldn't resist!

Made in six different colors, these glass eyeball charms are great and maybe just a tiny bit creepy, created from glass eyeball beads that dangle from beneath a beaded tassel of matching beads and a touch of silver and black.

These handmade charms are great for a variety of uses from wallet charms to cellphone charms as well as car mirror dangles, beaded zipper pulls and many more ideas!