Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wise Mister Owl Pocket Watch Necklace in Bronze and Gemstones

Lace Agate and Honey Jade Owl Pocket Watch Necklace
When I saw this little 21mm pocket watch, I instantly fell in love with the little owl on the cover. I was impressed with all of the beautiful intricate details on the face of the watch as well as the floral motif on its back.

I've paired the pocket watch up with lots of matching bronze accents in this handmade gemstone necklace, adding in bits of earthy green lace agate stones and honey jade gemstone highlights for a uniquely elegant look that's an excellent alternative to wearing a watch.

The length of this owl pocket watch necklace is also adjustable! The nape has been made with an extender chain that the clasp can connect to in order to wear the necklace at a variety of lengths.