Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jewelry Design and Spiritual Motivation

There's something I've been thinking about a lot, lately, and I've decided that I'd love to share.   Sometimes I'm asked -why- I do what I do.   There's a lot of aggravation in running a jewelry business and a lot of competition out there as well.   Sometimes the frustration for the business side of things can be overwhelming to someone with a creativity driven mind and, in my case, being self taught (in the world of business and creation, both) held a great deal of all of that.

And yet, I LOVE what I do.   Even when there are frustrating parts and the occasional stumbling blocks involved in turning it into a business.

Creating jewelry, for me, is a spiritual experience.  Prayer is energy sent out into the universe on a purpose.  Like prayer, my creations go out into the world with a purpose as well.   They leave my hands and are sent into the world to -touch- others in positive ways.  To make women feel special and pretty.  To brighten someone's day. 

I love that my jewelry can make women feel special and pretty.   I love that when one of my creations are worn or given as a gift, they have the capability of brightening someone's day and making that day or that person feel a little more special.   I love that the rosaries and prayer beads I create are treasured and valued for their meaning and purpose, and that over time they become imbibed with the hopes and prayers and dreams of those that cherish them.

When I design jewelry, I don't draw it out first.  In fact, in most cases, I don't even have a plan.  I just sit down and start putting together what -feels- good to me.   Whether a design is simple or complex... silly and fun, or reverent or elegant.... I want to share those good feelings with others, and I hope and dream that every piece I make has that same feel-good feeling within it when it is sent out into the world and arrives at its new home.

I love creating jewelry for this reason.  I love sharing this part of myself with others and giving others something to enjoy and cherish, something that makes -them- feel good and influences them in positive ways.

By turning my passion for creating and designing jewelry and my love for touching others lives in positive ways into a business, I'm able to do what I love every day.   That I can do what I love -every day- and share that love with the world is one of the greatest treasures in my life and I'm grateful every day for the opportunity to do just that.

[A gratitude post inspired by Dr. Nima Rahmany.]