Friday, October 8, 2010

Knotted Pearl and Jade Necklace

Knotted Pearl and Jade Necklace
Freshwater pearls literally glow on this necklace among rows of dark BC (British Columbia mined) jade gemstones and a touch of golden accents. This handmade pearl and jade necklace
has been strung with quality thread in green and hand-knotted with care between each stone.

Jade is known as both the "dream stone" as well as the "stone of fidelity" and is believed to assist in bringing about the realization of one's potential as well as fostering a devotion to one's purpose. In Mayan culture, jade was revered as the "Sovereign of Harmony" and believed to help in facilitating peace within the emotional, physical and intellectual aspects of a person's life.

Pearls signify faith, charity and innocence and are believed to enhance integrity while providing focus. Pearl also is believed to foster sincerity and is known in many cultures as a symbol of purity.

Whether you want understated elegance for dressing up something casual or a bit of classic beauty for an elegant ensemble, the combination of jade and pearls in this unique OOAK (one of a kind) necklace will be a beautiful accent to any outfit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shimmering Handmade Crystal Charm

This is, by far, one of my favorite charms that I've ever created. I even made one for myself to hang from my car's rear view mirror for a cheerful shimmer and a bit of decoration while I'm driving.

Made of colorful crystals in varying shades, smaller crystals are set in a cluster above a larger one in this handmade crystal charm that can be attached to a phone, zipper tab, key chain, purse and more.

1-inch (2.5 cm) charm is created so that you can have your choice of attachments to suit whatever you need it for.

I've made this style of charm in a number of different colors too, because once I'd made the first, I became inspired to make more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frosted Glass Wire Wrapped Teardrop Earrings - The Frosted Elixir Series

Frosted Glass Wire Wrapped Teardrop Earrings
When I first started "The Elixir Series" of earrings, I began with a variety of clear glass teardrops in different colors. I offered them wire wrapped in gold first, then, when the response was so great to their release, I decided to make them wire wrapped in silver as well.

From there, I became even more inspired. I used to do a good deal of glass etching and sand blasting and I have a good deal of clouding solution left over from this hobby. (It takes quite a bit to do a large mirror or sliding glass door, etc, and the solution can be recycled after use.) So, I decided to do some experimenting with some of my glass beads, and that's how the Frosted Elixirs were born!

The glass teardrops in these wire wrapped earrings have been hand-dipped in clouding solution to create a frosted glass sheen before being wire wrapped and then set to dangle on delicate matching gold-tone hooks that have been designed by hand for a unique and graceful shape.

These 1.2-inch (3.3cm) earrings are made with care to be light-weight on pierced ears and easy to wear and are part of a still-growing series named "The Elixirs". The Elixirs now come in both clear glass as well as in frosted glass (like the pair you see here) as well as in both gold and silver and in a variety of colors of glass teardrops.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christian Daughter Charm with Gold Filigree Cross

Christian Daughter Charm with Gold Filigree Cross
When I was younger, one day my father came to me and he gave me a little charm. For me, it was turtles that were special, and the charm he gave me had a turtle on it and you could tell he'd picked it out just for me and that it meant something special between the two of us.

With this event in my past in mind, I designed this handmade Christian charm for another father to give his daughter on a day that's special, or a time in their lives when he felt proud and happy and wanted to share this with her.

This beaded Christian charm is 2.36-inch (6 cm) in length and created with an intricate gold plated filigree cross joined with cream and gold beads and a brass accents stamped with "daughter". It's the perfect size for adding to a cell phone, zipper pull, key chain, purse, backpack or set to dangle from a car's rear view mirror.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer's Cottage Rose Quartz and Pearl Bracelet

Summer's Cottage Rose Quartz and Pearl Bracelet
After fitting these bronze filigree pieces with bits of pink and white cabochons, I knew exactly how I wanted to use them in a piece. I've always felt that rose quartz and pearls go perfectly together, and when combined with the filigree bronze pieces, they all compliment each other beautifully in a sweet and pure handmade bracelet that's then finished off with a matching decorative toggle clasp.

Rose quartz is known as the "stone of gentle love" by many civilizations and societies around the world and is believed to emit a calming, cooling energy. In metaphysical circles it's believed to help the wearer gently remove negativity from their lives and establish gentle, loving forces in their wake.

This handmade rose quartz bracelet measures at 8-inches (20.5 cm) in length including clasp.