Friday, October 8, 2010

Knotted Pearl and Jade Necklace

Knotted Pearl and Jade Necklace
Freshwater pearls literally glow on this necklace among rows of dark BC (British Columbia mined) jade gemstones and a touch of golden accents. This handmade pearl and jade necklace
has been strung with quality thread in green and hand-knotted with care between each stone.

Jade is known as both the "dream stone" as well as the "stone of fidelity" and is believed to assist in bringing about the realization of one's potential as well as fostering a devotion to one's purpose. In Mayan culture, jade was revered as the "Sovereign of Harmony" and believed to help in facilitating peace within the emotional, physical and intellectual aspects of a person's life.

Pearls signify faith, charity and innocence and are believed to enhance integrity while providing focus. Pearl also is believed to foster sincerity and is known in many cultures as a symbol of purity.

Whether you want understated elegance for dressing up something casual or a bit of classic beauty for an elegant ensemble, the combination of jade and pearls in this unique OOAK (one of a kind) necklace will be a beautiful accent to any outfit.