Friday, August 20, 2010

Carnation Bloom Beaded Lampwork Necklace in Pink

Carnation Bloom Beaded Lampwork Necklace in Pink
This style of lampwork pendant is always a real joy for me to work with and the results always turn out beautifully every time I've worked with them. I love the dreamy look of the encapsulated flowers within the drop and I've made a few OOAK necklaces so far out of different colors of the pendants. Here's an example of another done last winter as a custom order: The Autumn Orchid

The handmade beaded necklace pictured above is my most recent creation with this style of pendant. This beaded lampwork necklace is an OOAK ( one-of-a-kind ) piece designed around a breathtaking lampwork pendant (5 cm x 3.75 cm) in carnation pink that's then been accented by matching beads and golden accents.

The length of this necklace adjusts between 17.5" - 20.25" (44.5 cm - 51.5 cm) using a lobster claw clasp at the nape hooks to an extender chain. This allows this necklace to be worn tight enough to be a choker or loose enough to lie against your chest while a small beaded stone bauble at the end of the chain gives an extra bit of decorative touch.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blue Agate and Pearl Rosary Bracelet

Blue Agate and Pearl Rosary Bracelet
I think that the gemstones in this stone are one of the most beautiful I've ever worked with. Their sweet, cornflower shade of blue is both eye catching and soothing and go perfectly with the pearls that make up this rosary bracelet.

This rosary bracelet is made from genuine blue agate stone rounds and vintage pearl beads. The pearl and blue agate ave ("Ave Maria") beads count out a full decade, with a larger pearl pater ("Pater Noster") bead near the clasp. The bracelet is then finished off with a silver plated toggle clasp, a dangling holy cross and a framed full-color depiction of the Sacred Mother in miniature.

This would be a wonderful gift piece for catholic weddings, communions, confirmation or just as a gift for someone special.

I feel that in such an important pieces as religious jewelry as well as rosaries, being handmade holds special significance, creating a personal touch and attention to detail that commercial pieces lack. Every one of the links in this bracelet has been carefully turned by hand.

This rosary bracelet measures 8.6" (22 cm) in length including clasp.

Exciting news! This rosary bracelet has recently been published on the cover of the novel "De tweede verlosser" by Tomas Ross!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seasons Change Beaded Lanyard in Autumn Colors

Seasons Change Beaded Lanyard in Autumn Colors
Vibrant, shimmering beads in shades of green and amber are strung along a strand of cream in this handmade beaded badge lanyard with just a touch of golden finish.

This item is a unique OOAK (One of a Kind) piece.

So many people these days are required to wear badge lanyards for work. It isn't just nurses anymore. I grew up in a military town and the people who work on the base had to wear them. So too, now days, do teachers and sometimes even students. Not to mention most grocery workers, all government workers, lab workers and anyone else who has to wear a badge.

And if you have to wear one, why not make it one you love?

That's why I create a variety of fully beaded badge lanyards, made with smooth beads at the nape for the comfort of the wearer and decorative beads further down the strand to show off their beauty and create a decorative style. I even offer an optional "break away" magnetic clasp
for those that need it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cool Breeze Beaded Eyeglass Holder in Aqua

Cool Breeze Beaded Eyeglass Holder in Aqua
I used to watch my mom get so frustrated every time she lost her glasses. And you'd be amazed how often that it happened too. At least five or ten times a day on average you'd find her wandering around muttering as she hunted for a pair of reading glasses. The funny thing was, she has about six pair, and yet she could never seem to find any of them!

That's why I started making beaded eyeglass chains. These convenient strands of beads hook on to the arms of a pair of glasses and allow them to dangle both securely and decoratively around the neck like a necklace.

This beaded eyeglasses holder is made of vibrant beads in cool shades of aqua and turquoise are joined with a hint of golden accents for a cool breeze on a summer's day look. The 30.5-inch (77.5 cm) strand is made with smooth beads at the nape for the comfort of the wearer and decorative beads at the ends to show off a sense of style while keeping eyeglasses easily in reach.