Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tree of Life Necklace with Turquoise and Moonstones

Moonstone and Turquoise Necklace with Tree of Life Bottle
I love the bronze Tree of Life bottle used in this moonstone and turquoise necklace. When I first saw it, I was immediately inspired and the design took on a life of its own. It almost felt as if it created itself at the tips of my fingers.

The bottle at the end of this handmade artisan necklace is fully functional with a cap that opens but is securely chained to dangle when the bottle is open instead of getting lost. Along the chain, interspersed between lots of bronze accents, are large and medium sized rainbow moonstones combined with magnasite turquoise rounds.

This Tree of Life necklace is then finished with an extension chain at the nape so that it can be worn at a variety of lengths.