Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beaded Eyeball Charms in a Variety of Colors

Beaded Eyeball Charms in a Variety of Colors
Eyeballs! Yep, that's my new theme. It's titled the "I've Got My Eye On You" and comes in a variety of colors from "Jaundice Yellow" to "Jealous Green" and a handful of others.

Okay, so I admit that my new theme is a little weird and quirky. But, when I saw these odd eyeball-like glass beads I just couldn't resist!

Made in six different colors, these glass eyeball charms are great and maybe just a tiny bit creepy, created from glass eyeball beads that dangle from beneath a beaded tassel of matching beads and a touch of silver and black.

These handmade charms are great for a variety of uses from wallet charms to cellphone charms as well as car mirror dangles, beaded zipper pulls and many more ideas!