Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cherry Blossom Pink and Pearl Rosary

Cherry Blossom Pink and Pearl Rosary
I love cloisonne beads. I find them beautiful and inspiring. I have a few listed in my destash bead shop, but to be honest? I have a hard time listing them there because what I really want to do is hoard them all. (Which is the reason I have so many that their listed in the beadery shop in the first place!)

When I saw these beautiful pink egg-shaped cloisonne beads, I was immediately inspired to make something with pearls to match and that's how this rosary was born!

This rosary is created using glass pearl Aves in a creamy shade of white are joined with beautiful floral cloisonne cherry blossom Pater beads in pink on this lovely 5-decade pearl rosary that's then brought together with gold plated accents and 100% hand-turned links.

I feel that in such an important piece as a rosary, being handmade holds special significance, creating a personal touch and attention to detail that commercial rosaries lack. Every one of the 132 links on this rosary have been carefully turned by hand.

The rosary is then finished off with a gold plated wreathed Mary centerpiece and a detailed gold plated crucifix at the end.

The length is 22.75-inches (55.8 cm) in length from "nape" to tip.