Monday, May 31, 2010

Blowing Bubbles Handmade Key Ring

Handmade Beaded Key Ring
My cat likes to chase bubbles. If you haven't tried this game with your cat and she's still spry enough to be interested, I highly suggest it. It's loads of fun and costs mere per play-time.

Blowing bubbles is the inspiration behind this handmade beaded key ring, too. Made from a blend of soft shades in lavender, pink and sage green pearls, I added the shimmer of clear crystal glass accents and clusters of tiny white pearls.

All joined together, I love the result. It's a soft shaded bounty that makes a perfect charm that can be used not just as a key ring but also as a festive decoration for your purse, phone or car's rear view mirror.

This charm measures in at 3.34-inch (8.5 cm) in length.