Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clarity Blue - Glass Crystal and Pearl Purse Charm

Clarity Blue - Glass Crystal and Pearl Purse Charm
I love personalizing my stuff. I have pins that I attach to my backpack for each season (and half season), little charms to dangle from my purses and wallets and I'm one of those people that has a shiny dangle hanging from my rear view mirror in my car too (mine's a jade, pearl and crystal combo right now).

That was why I started making zipper pulls and charms. I could never find what I wanted for these little personalized bits. This one is one of my recent favorites, made with a beautiful 15mm large white pearl is off set by the shimmer of a faceted glass crystal bead in blue on this beautiful charm finished with gold plated accents.

This pearl and blue crystal charm is photographed attached to one of my purses, but it can easily be attached to a phone, zipper pull on a sweater or jacket, key chain, wallet or anything else that needs a bit of decoration. It can even be used for a rear view mirror dangle for your car!

The charm is sweet and small at 1.25-inch (32 mm) in length.