Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wild Leopard Print Bracelet in Lampwork Glass

Lampwork Glass Leopard Print Bracelet in Gold and Pearls
I've always loved women that can pull off the wild side of jewelry and outfits with flair and style. I was inspired just the other day by one of them, in fact, that I saw on TV.

I watch a lot of late night tv due to the hours I keep and I came across an episode of "Just Shoot Me" the other day where the character Nina Van Horne (played by Wendie Malick) was wearing an absolutely fabulous dress. At first glance, the dress looked black with a bit of feathered fluff at the cuffs. On closer inspection, though, it turned out to have a dark leopard print within the fabric.

It was an amazing dress and it inspired me to create this wild but elegant leopard print bracelet made with handmade lampwork glass beads combined with a bunch of pearls I've hand-wrapped in gold tone wire then set interspersed with other golden accents.

It's just amazing sometimes where inspiration can come from!