Monday, May 2, 2011

Purple Flower Cocktail Ring with Pearls in White and Plum

Purple Crystal Flower Ring with Pearls
Spring is a time of flowers and color and for spring, this year, I really wanted to learn how to make crystal flowers. Now, clearly from the picture it seems at first glance like it's not that hard a task, but it turns out that most of the tutorials I found were either rather complicated or far too embellished with fancy extras to do what I wanted.

This flower is my success at designing my own personal method of creating crystal spring flowers. After hours of experimentation and many pricks from the wire (a few deep enough to make me bleed) I finally, successfully, came up with a simple way to bring the beads together into the flower design you see above.

This flower is my first!

It's designed with amethyst glass briolette crystals combined together to create shimmering petals. I then added white pearls and a plum colored pearl center before attaching it to an adjustable ring base that will fit size 7 and up.