Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pearl and Gold Stitch Markers

Pearl Stitch Markers in Cream and Gold
These pearl and gold stitch markers have been designed from creamy white glass pearls and intricately designed golden bead caps. The loop on the top is 8mm in diameter to ensure they'll fit most crochet hooks and knitting needles while the charm's is 24mm in total length.

Stitch markers are one of the major wonders of the world to me. I have done a lot of research on them and their uses, but after all that, I still can't figure out how the person that uses them doesn't end up getting them stuck within their knit and crochet creations.

I watched a woman at a craft fair who had bought a couple of handmade stitch markers from me, use them in her work, but as fascinating as it was I still couldn't grasp how she managed to get them in and then back out of the piece she was creating. The needles moved, the yarn entwined, the stitch markers slipped into place and down the line somehow slipped back out of place as well. Magic, I tell you. Pure magic.