Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Golden Evening Handmade Cocktail Ring

Golden Evening Pearl Cocktail Ring
When I first started designing jewelry, I never imagined that I would be making handmade rings. To be honest, even when we opened our shops up on Artfire and Etsy, the thought still hadn't crossed my mind.

At that time, my focus was primarily on necklaces and bracelets.

All that changed one day when a customer of mine made a suggestion for a custom order she wanted done. She asked if I ever made rings and that she'd like one made to her specifications. My first reaction was to say that I don't, but then after a pause I started thinking... why couldn't I?

True, I'm not a metalsmith, but there are plenty of different kinds of rings out there and it's possible I could work out something that fit both my style of designs as well as my abilities.

And so, after copious amounts of trial and error experimentation, the birth of a brand new and just starting collection of handmade cocktail rings was formed!

The one displayed here today is designed with creamy white pearls and a smattering of matte gold pears interspersed within, all set on a gold plated adjustable-size ring base. The Golden Evening handmade cocktail ring is elegant enough for formal attire but fun enough for casual as well and perfect for any day at all.

The lesson? Try something new! You never know what you might come up with and it's an excellent chance to expand your horizons.