Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tyrian Purple Beaded Badge Lanyard

The actual color of Tyrian purple (also known as Imperial purple), the original color purple from which the name purple is derived, is a color of a dye made from a mollusk. In classical antiquity, this color then became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it and was extremely popular throughout the time of the Roman Empire.

Today, purple continues to hold meaning as something royal and rich, and rich warm colors is what this beaded badge lanyard is all about.

Created in shades of Tyrian purple and plum, this beaded lanyard combines the richness of these historical shades with golden accents for warmth all strung on a creme colored strand that shows off both the rich colors and warmth with elegant aplomb.

Perfect for your badge, keys and more light-weight options, the nape of this 36-inch (91.5 cm) beaded lanyard is created to be smooth and comfortable against the back of the neck with decorative beads further down along the strand so they are shown off to their best advantage.