Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man in the Blue Moon Beaded Charm - Versatility

Man in the Blue Moon Beaded Charm
I love versatility. I love making something that can be used over and over for many different things.

The decorative beaded charms that I design are one of these useful creations, too. Each one is designed to be used in any number of ways including (but certainly not limited to) as purse charms, rear view mirror charms for a car, zipper pulls, key chain, wallet charms, cell phone charms and more. In fact, I offer those that own my charms a variety of attachments, so when they buy them they can choose what kind of attachment will best fit their needs and ideas. I've even had customers request their charms be added to book hooks to turn them into bookmarks!

This handmade celestial beaded charm, titled "Man in the Blue Moon", with it's shiny blue glass beads and brass man in the moon smiling bat the end is one of my absolute favorites, too. Celestial themes have always been a joy of mine and I have to admit that when I made this one, I almost had to keep it for myself.