Friday, December 10, 2010

Angelite Gemstone Bracelet in Lilac

Lilac Angelite Gemstone Bracelet in Silver and Pearls
This is the first time that I've ever worked with angelite gemstones, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed the feel of the stones as well as the project that gave birth to this, now finished, angelite gemstone bracelet.

Made from a large central angelite stone that has been combined with matching glass beads, white glass pearls and a multitude of little silver plated charms, this handmade wrist cuff is a unique, one of a kind piece that's then been finished off with a matching toggle clasp.

Angelite is considered to be a symbol of the verbalization and communication of love and light to the world. It represents peace to the world and the "brotherhood both within and without.

It is believed, metaphysically, to be a stone for raising the state of conscious awareness and for the promotion of clear and orderly communication while dispelling anger and renewing one's connected-ness to the universe while helping to promote one's creative endeavors.