Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harvest Goddess Pagan Necklace in Jade and Pewter

Harvest Goddess Pagan Necklace in Jade and Pewter
When I saw the Harvest Goddess pendant that I've incorporated into this piece, I knew exactly what I wanted to use her for. In fact, in my mind, I already had the beads and gemstones picked out and was ready to create long before I had finished buying supplies to create the piece!

This handmade Harvest Goddess necklace designed in the style of a traditional rosary but with a Pagan theme, this necklace is a celebration of the cycles of life and the wheel of the year in the Pagan calendar.

Five sections of eight jade gemstone beads make up the body of this necklace, each section of eight a count of the year's eight Pagan holidays. In between each section are wooden beads meant to represent each season. This makes this Pagan themed necklace not just a piece of jewelry meant to be worn and treasured but also able to be used as a meditational guide.

At the end of the piece is a tassel of three beads representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone trio with the Harvest Goddess charm at the very end. This handmade Goddess necklace is created with care, meditation and mindfulness to the spirit of the piece and its balance.