Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bit of Faith Christian Bookmark with Pewter Cross

My grandmother used to always loose her place in her bible, which she read ever day. She used to stick tons of different miscellaneous on-hand things in the pages to save her place from receipts to scraps of trash to pencils and more.

Until I made her a bookmark just for her bible.

From that day forward, she always had something special just for her bible and she loved it.

In the spirit of that memory, this beaded christian bookmark was designed from black and white beads for a minimalist look with a touch of elegance, a pretty pewter cross then set to dangle from either end. Perfect for not just bibles but books, datebooks, journals and more, this handmade 11.75-inch (30 cm) beaded book thong is sure to mark any reader's place with a touch of style and bit of faith.