Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastel Pearls and Silver Hoop Earrings - Handel in Spring

Pastel Pearls and Silver Hoop Earrings - Handel in Spring
George Frideric Handel was an amazing Baroque composer who is famous for his operas, oratorios and concerto music. He lived from 1685 to 1759 and was born in the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti.

In his lifetime, and beyond it, Handel's works were well-known by many other composers, including Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.

His most famous piece, "Messiah" with its "Hallelujah" chorus, is among the most popular works in choral music and has become a centerpiece of the Christmas season. Another of his most popular works "Water Music" is used often during weddings and was the inspiration for these beaded hoop earrings.

Designed with silver plated hoops that support a grouping of softly shimmering pearls in white and pink joined with a touch of dusky green, these handmade pearl earrings are 1-inch (3 cm) in size and made with care to be light-weight on pierced ears with a delicate appearance. They are earrings are easy to put in and take out with a safety hook clasp so they won't fall out and get lost inconveniently.