Friday, October 15, 2010

Elegant Red and Black Beaded Lanyard - Eileen

Elegant Red and Black Beaded Lanyard - Eileen
Named after one of the most elegant women I've ever known, this beaded badge lanyard is created using shimmering red faceted beads combined with a touch more red and a bit of black for accents.

Creamy white seed beads make up the strand of this beaded lanyard, and a touch of golden accents bring it together with a hint warmth and added elegance.

This lanyard is perfect for holding an ID badge, key or many other light-weight options. So many people these days are in need of lanyards for work, school, volunteer work and more. Why not have a lanyard that is more than functional but fashionable as well?

The nape of this 36.5-inch (92.7 cm) strand is created to lie comfortably against the back of the neck with decorative beads further down along the strand so they are shown off to their best advantage.