Friday, August 6, 2010

Evergreen and Ice Crystals Car Mirror Charm

Handmade Car Mirror Charm - Evergreen and Ice Crystals
I've seen a lot of odd things hanging from rear view mirrors. It's actually somewhat of an interest of mine and I catch myself checking out what dangles from other people's rear view mirrors in their cars on a regular basis. It's almost a habit. I think they add personality to a person's car, making it a bit more "theirs" and putting a stamp of their style on what could very well be considered a rather large glass and metal box on wheels.

This handmade car mirror charm is very similar to the little dangle I have hanging from my own mirror.

A cluster of crystals with a green glass bead dangling on the end define this handmade charm that can be used for more than just a car mirror charm but could also be added to a phone, zipper tab, key chain, purse or anything else that needs a little cheering up.

This charm is a unique OOAK (One of a Kind) piece and measures at 1.57-inch (4 cm) in length.