Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ripe Bing Cherries Badge Lanyard with Wooden Beads

Handmade Badge Holder - Ripe Bing Cherries
I love cherries. In fact, when I was a teenager, I spent a summer working at a side-of-the-road cherry stand and it was one of the greatest treats that as part of my compensation (in addition to a wage) I was allowed to eat as many cherries as I wanted.

When I saw the beads that I incorporated into this lanyard, they immediately made me think of ripe Bing cherries and I couldn't wait to find a use for them.

These round wooden beads in a deep shade of cherry have been combined with snow white pearls on a strand of black with just a hint of gold accents in this stylish beaded badge lanyard with a convenient 1 cm ring at the end.

Perfect for badge, keys and more, the nape of this strand is created to be comfortable against the back of the neck with decorative beads further down along the strand so they are shown off to their best advantage.

This piece is 35-inches (89 cm) in length made with a sturdy no-clasp design for added security. Just toss it on over your head and you're ready to go! (Like all of the badge lanyards I design, a magnetic clasp can easily be added for those that work in a profession where a "break away" option is required.)