Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adik ~ Genuine Amethyst Dream Earrings

Handmade Amethyst Hoop Earrings
I love this stone and I have many through my home and in my own personal collection of jewelry. When a customer from Malaysia contacted me asking for something delicate, elegant and purple, the inspiration for these beautiful Amethyst hoop earrings were born!

Amethyst is one of the most well known gemstones in the world and was once coveted by ancient priests and priestesses as well as by royalty. Metaphysically, its strongest attributes are believed to be the ability to calm that which is disturbed, to ease transitions and to fend off psychic attacks. It’s a very common and reliable crystal that's often used for meditation, dream work and ritual.

The calming power of amethyst assists in soothing a person into a calm and restful dream state and, because of its ability to fight off psychic attack, it's believed that it can protect a person from disturbed sleep and nightmares. It's also known to be very helpful in bringing about clear and lucid dreams during the sleep state.

These vibrant handmade gemstone earrings are made from genuine Amethyst gemstone rounds accompanied by purple and gold seed beads, all set to dangle on a set of gold plated hoops.

Made with care to be light-weight and delicate, these 0.78-in (2 cm) hoop earrings are easy to put in and take out with a safety hook clasp so they won't fall out and get lost inconveniently.