Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturn's Rings - Handcrafted Choker Necklace

Handcrafted Choker Necklace
I loved working with this pendant because the colors contained within presented a challenge for me. Such an unlikely pairing, it drew my eye when I first saw it in the store and I knew it would be a project that would take some work and creativity to finish.

This colorful and classy lampwork pendant is now included on a strand of seed beads and decorative beading in this handcrafted choker necklace to create unique style that incorporates the colors in the pendant all the way up along the strand from pendant to nape.

The lobster claw clasp at the nape hooks to a chain that allows this necklace to be worn tight enough to be a loose choker or a little longer to lie against your chest while a small matching beaded bauble at the end of the chain gives an extra bit of decorative touch.

The length of this necklace adjusts between 17.75" to 20" in length (45 cm - 51 cm).